The Expanding Cycle of Visibility Online and Offline – Leads > Clicks > Phone Calls > Real Word Visits > Brand Mentions

The traditional SEO might think, “Hey, you’re building links here”, and maybe that is something that comes into effect, but Google is a lot smarter than that. If it was just about building links, you could go out and post on those private blog networks where you just go and build links on those unknown kind of pretend websites and you rank very well.

That worked really wel

The Expanding Cycle of Visibility Online and Offline with LOCALTACTIC

l for a number of years and then Google got wise to that and started figuring out ways to discount it.

Using these sorts of grey hat SEO link-building tactics to get in Google, you have to be extremely advanced and be prepared to change your strategies every three to six months which is very very difficult.

That doesn’t make sense to me because I want to be here in five years still getting great results for my customers, and essentially having a business that just keeps on building and building.

So that’s why the premise of what I’ve been doing has been working for well over 10 years, and so what you see here is the LOCALTACTIC Expanding Cycle of Visibility.

  1. Brand Visibility – Number one is brand visibility, and this is essentially the campaign itself. It gets you coverage on big news sites, on YouTube, podcast directories, and so on. And what does this create? What it creates is clicks. Traffic comes from this exposure both through Google and through these sites themselves.
  2. Clicks – The clicks are traffic, and so what happens with this traffic is, Google sees every single one of these things. It sees that the business is mentioned on big name sites, that they have videos, that they’re in podcast directories etc. It sees this business becoming more popular online, and it sees it as generating traffic.
  3. Traffic – It’s generating clicks and traffic. If you just build links like an SEO, they don’t send clicks and they don’t send traffic, and Google can tell the difference. LOCALTACTIC is getting you on USAToday, it’s getting you on YouTube, it’s getting you on Vimeo, sites like PodBean and other podcast directories, and so on, and Google sees clicks and traffic coming from all these sites.
  4. Phone Calls – Google sees this click stream, and already that’s presenting positive signals to Google. But this is something that you do anyway because it’s generating phone calls and traffic for the business. And guess what happens when you call a business, Google sees on your phone who you have called, that’s If you use an Android phone, which is 80% of the phone market. And so, they’ve seen that this business is getting more phone calls, must be popular, right? And then Google see’s that people actually walk in and visit the business, because Google can track where you go on your phone. If you open Google maps, you might actually know is that Google maps has been tracking everywhere you’ve ever been. You can go back through your history and see the different locations that you’ve visited right on your Android phone and iPhone’s do the same thing.
  5. Real World Visits – So Google is collecting this information. It knows that more people are visiting this business and then sees that more people are mentioning it online. Not only is it being covered on all these different sites, it’s also getting talked about in social media, this will be a natural thing which will happen, people will email each other about the business, right?
  6. Brand Mentions – They might be messaging each other, in some way that Google tracks, for example, the business might get some coverage on Facebook or on Twitter.

Brand Searches – This happens with brand visibility as well, as people get used to seeing your business name and location, it increases the possibility that they search using your brand name. Google sees this as well and recognises when there are more of them.

In my opinion, one of the biggest ranking effects for a business is when Google sees that a website is being searched for and people go and visit that website, it ranks it very, very high. I’ve seen massive traffic from Google just by having sites that people care about and without doing any kind of SEO or traffic building, just the fact that people like the site and they keep going back to it, Google starts to rank it high because it knows it’s of high value.

And so, what happens then is potentially the business can get even more coverage online because even more people are talking about it, and so the whole thing kicks off again. Typically for local business, right?

What effects do articles on big news sites have for your business – Let’s say Google gives 100 points to a business that gets mentioned on one of these sites, who does it know to give it to? See the red box above? That 100 points goes to your business in your suburb, or town, or city. Google sends the points to you through “Google My Business” and ranks you accordingly.

Content Marketing – Local businesses aren’t too newsworthy in and of themselves. So, they need to do their own content marketing, they need to put their own word out. Each campaign you run feeds the cycle, and gradually over time, the business is getting more and more visibility. More and more traffic, phone calls, real word visits, brand mentions, brand searches.

Campaign Map

Google starts to Rank a Business – At this point Google says, Hey, I am going to rank this business higher because it’s clearly important. This is actually about making a business genuinely popular, giving it omnipresence online, which drives traffic and phone calls, real world visits, gets the brand out there, get people searching for it. This happens 4-5 months in, sometimes earlier, where your site is ranking for so many search terms Google ranks it high by default and because you are the only site where this is happening, you can imagine what it will be generating for your business

Can you now see the value in the big sites now? This is no fluke, the big sites feed “Google My Business” and many businesses pay a lot of money just to get in one of them. In each campaign, LOCALTACTIC posts to dozens of them and will get you and your business on this Expanding Cycle of Visibility.