Some of The Hard Facts About Digital Marketing – Content vs Local vs Mobile vs Online vs Reputation Management

Digital marketing covers a wide range of services and while there are many companies providing these services, they all take such a lot of time, each. 

One of the problems with this is that they all manipulate the internet in various ways e.g. why bother to get your website to number one when you can put a Google Ad there in its place.

The reason your website is not number one is because it is not earning the position, instead it is elsewhere ranking for other search terms.

What follows is some of the facts as to why you may not be getting the results you hoped for.

Overall, Content Marketing requires you to do two main things. First, you need to create great content. Second, you need to market that content.

For you to do these two things successfully, you need to research and create content that your potential customers will appreciate.

That takes time and skill, because if you do it wrong, your potential customers will reject that content. You will know your potential customers are rejecting your content, if it is not getting enough views, shares, or likes.

However, if you create amazing content, it can receive massive engagement, which in turn can lead to massive sales for your business.

Once you have great content, you need to let your existing and potential customers know about it. That is what marketing is all about.

To achieve that, you also need an experienced marketer. A marketer that can do it, in a manner that does not make them feel, you are pushing it to them.

At LOCALTACTIC, we have been creating and marketing content for our clients successfully. We create likeable and shareable content for your business, and market it for you.

You do not have to spend time trying to keep yourself updated with new marketing strategies.

You will know that your marketing efforts are working, when your business starts to receive mentions from potential customers, which is what happens to successful businesses.

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There are two ways to implement your SEO strategy. You can do it using “whitehat” tactics or you can use “blackhat” tactics. The difference between the two is your SEO approach.

When you use “whitehat” tactics, you simply focus on helping your potential audience and customers, to find your helpful content. Your content then does the rest of the SEO job for you.

However, when you use “blackhat” tactics, the goal is to trick the search engines to deliver poor content to users.

That often leads to high bounce rates, and a poorly targeted traffic, which leads to low sales.

At LOCALTACTIC, we use “whitehat” strategies to create content that ranks by itself, in all search engines.

We create content that includes keywords your customers use to find you online, and we always reference your business’s location.

That gives you peace of mind, and ensures your sales keep growing as much as the market can allow.

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Mobile marketing is effective, but it also requires that you make an additional investment, or spend more time creating marketing text messages.

Furthermore, it duplicates what you can achieve through social media, since most people also access social media platforms, through mobile phones.

Eight in ten (80%) of mobile phone users aged 18-29, say that they access social media platforms, first thing in the morning.

Overall, that means you really do not need to use text messaging marketing services. At LOCALTACTIC, we focus on creating leads through the content we create.

We create content that keeps generating new leads for years, instead of just a few days.

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You do not need to spend your valuable time creating online marketing content for your business. We can do all the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on your business.

At LOCALTACTIC, we create content that targets your local customer’s searches, when they are looking for your services or products online.

We also share it on all major social media platforms, where your potential customers spend their time.

Because we use the best content to inform and recommend your business, services, or products to your potential users, you do not need to do any additional marketing.

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You need to spend your time managing and running your business, not worrying about what people are posting about your business. That is where our content and marketing efforts come in.

We already know that we need to manage your business’s image, when creating and promoting your content. Furthermore, for every piece of content about your business that we create, we base it on your products or services.

That allows us to create the type of content that also promotes your business, especially in the topics you want your customers to know about you. In turn, your business gets a positive vibe, whenever customers encounter it online.

Through our content, we help your potential customers learn about your products and services, and how they can contact you. Also, our content manages your business’s online reputation for you.

At LOCALTACTIC, we know that your online reputation is crucial when it comes to acquiring new leads. The good news is we can manage your business’s reputation comprehensively, through content that targets your business.

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We know how to promote your business not just on social media, and we do it in a way that catches your potential customers’ attention. Most businesses post their content on social media platforms and hope that users will notice it.

That is something that you do not want for your business, if your goal is to leverage on social media engagements, to boost your sales.

Content with a low engagement tells the social media platforms that their users do not like it.

When you let LOCALTACTIC help you to market your business, we publish news releases that easily catch the attention of social media users. In turn, your potential customers share it with their friends and family.

That helps your business to get organic social media views and engagement, and in turn prompts the social media platforms to give your business more exposure.

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So as you can see there is a lot to consider when hiring a digital marketer, or buying any of these services.

The way LOCALTACTIC manages this is that it publishes one or two news articles a month to several high profile websites and the rest is... well I could write a volume on it, but that is not what this article is about.

If you want a serious partner who can get you the results you need, and quick, without having to worry about everything else,  contact us and we will help.