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Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Importance of Local Business Websites in Christchurch NZ

This is a time of uncertainty and the concerns that are being exerted on small business owners are huge. There is the worry of not enough work coming in, paying staff, employees at risk of contracting the virus, economic downturn… and the list goes on.

In this article I am just going to talk about internet visibility for local business websites at a time when people are going to be spending more time at home.

How I see it:

Being a small business owner myself, my take on the Coronavirus is this. Since people are seeking self-isolation so they minimise the chances of catching the virus, they are going to depend on the internet more than usual. This means that local business websites are even more important than ever before.

I have been getting lots of emails from businesses who are either lowering their prices or creating special services to help people who need them at this time. These companies are both large and small and they are offering help to all sorts, like governments, corporates, and medium to small businesses.

My Offer

I am offering a discounted price on my media distribution service to help local businesses who want to make an announcement or get the word out about anything they feel can help their customer base, or offer specific services for people in need.

As a small business owner, I know that I can help, even though I am one person.

If you want to release a news article announcing anything to do with your business I can help. The price per release would be $200.00 that excludes writing the content. I can help with the writing for a fee of $50.00, this will incude the News article and a Blog post you can use for your site.

If you have an enquiry about any of this please email me at localtactic@gmail.com with as much information as possible – especially your writing requirements.

I am also offering monthly Internet Visibility campaigns for $200 per month (usually $495.00) which includes all of the content writing required, this will add an extra layer of insurance for your website/business during these times.

Importance of Local Business Websites:

I can’t help but realise the importance of having a website at this time, as well as the visibility so people can find it.

It is important for:

  • Business owners because it brings a ROI on investment.
  • Employees who depend on salary and wages.
  • Customers who need your services.

If someone at home needs the services you sell, then typically they will do a search and find businesses in the niche they search. If this is your niche, then you need to show up so they can find you. You have the responsibility to yourself and your staff to get through this time in the best way you can.

If I can help you with media distribution that has anything to do with the Coronavirus, please get in touch.

Steven Brough